Bull Huss
Bull Huss
Bull Huss

Bull Huss

(Greater Spotted Dogfish or Nurse Hound)

This fish is a member of the cat shark family and is similar in appearance to the Dogfish but can grow to over 20lb.

Telling the difference between a small Bull Huss and a Dogfish can be difficult but the easiest method is to look at their nasal flaps, on a dogfish they extend all the way from their nostrils to their mouth where as on a Bull Huss they finish about half way between their nostrils and their mouth. The are also equipped with a sharp set of teeth and skin that is smooth when stroked head to tail but very abrasive when stroked tail to head so be careful when handling these fish.

Tackle should be a 4-10oz uptide rod or 12-20lb boat rod coupled with 25-30lb mono and a size 7000-7500 reel. A simple running ledger or helicopter rig is all that is needed with the hook length being about 48” long ending in a pair of 4/0 hooks and made from 100lb mono to prevent them biting through the trace and also to cope with any conger you may hook as they both tend to inhabit the same area’s

The bigger fish tend to like hunting over rough or broken ground in deeper water usually feeding on small fish , squid and crustaceans with the juvenile fish tending to be found in the shallower waters. Mackerel fillet and squid are the best baits to use when targeting Bull Huss and bait that is a few days past it’s best does seem to produce more Bull Huss than fresh but fresh does obviously catch it’s fair share as well.

They can be targeted between April and October
May to July being the best months.

Bull Huss

(Scyliorhinus stellaris)

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Boat Record

9.298kg. 1984